Since its creation in 2010 NATUREL ZEN has been developing products based on aromatherapy and phytotherapy, inspired by traditional Moroccan recipes and beauty techniques and reworked with modern scientific know-how. They are designed by specialists in the field of well-being and natural cosmetics.

NATUREL ZEN is a company that respects its employees and the inhabitants of the region. In an ethical approach and solidarity, we participate in the emancipation of women in rural areas. We encourage and value their traditional and artisanal know-how in the manufacture of Argan oil.

NATUREL ZEN is also the desire to offer ever more quality, diversity and well-being. But it is also the determination to offer to all products with noble and healthy components deporvus of harmful products. They contain no parabens, no kerosene, no phthalates or harmful solvents. Each ingredient is identified, analyzed and chemotyped to ensure better traceability.

None of our ingredients are scientifically suspected of toxicity or carcinogenic potential. Also, within the limits of the formulation's constraints, we introduce chemical inputs that are allowed by the organic standards with minimal and controlled dosages.

However, at NATUREL ZEN, we are also aware of the importance of advice and support for professionals in the use of our products and in the development of their care.

NATUREL ZEN is the will to transmit a rich heritage and to sensitize a clientele more and more solicited to the virtues of plants.

Enter the world of NATURAL ZEN and discover its natural active ingredients, its fragrances, its colors, its unparalleled euphoria and its scents of yesteryear

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