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Ghassoul is a natural clay mineral that is extracted in the Atlas Mountains, in Morocco. In North Africa, for centuries.


Morrocan lava clay, Rosa damascena flower powder, Lavandula angustifolia flower powder, Rosmarinus officinalis flower powder, Thymus vulgaris flower powder, Matricaria chamomila flower powder, Myrtus communis flower powder, green algae powder ,Rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil.


The Ghassoul represents an ultra-soft care, contrary to the soaps and shampoos, the Ghassoul does not contain surface-active agents, it cleans according to a physical process.

The Ghassoul powder with 7 aromatic plants is 100% natural, it is used to clean, purify and perfume your skin and to give again vitality and brightness to your hair.


Mix the powder with warm water or Rose water to obtain a homogeneous paste. Apply to wet hair and rinse after a few minutes. For the body, apply and rub vigorously.

Conditions of conservation

In a dry place, away from heat and light

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