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Brand: Naturel Zen
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Rose water is obtained after distillation of rose petals. Its composition is therefore entirely natural. Pleasantly fragrant, multiplying the benefits for the face, it is used in many beauty products.


Hydrolat of Damask Rose


The rose water is known mainly for its softness and its purifying and astringent virtues. It invigorates the skin, refines its texture and even strengthens its immune system.

It effectively prevents the appearance of wrinkles, erases signs of fatigue and helps to keep a clear complexion.


Every evening, after using your make-up remover, apply a compress soaked in rose water to the face to gently remove the last traces of impurities and tone the skin.

Every morning, it restores a beautiful look to tired and pale skin and effectively fights against wrinkles. It is also recommended for acne-prone skin,

Conditions of conservation

In a dry place, away from heat and light

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