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Brand: Naturel Zen
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Orange blossom water is obtained after distillation of orange blossom petals. Its composition is thus entirely natural, pleasantly fragrant.


Orange Blossom Hydrolat


Known for its aromatic properties. The Orange Blossom floral water delicately perfumes, very appreciated for its relaxing qualities which favour the relaxation and the sleep of the adults and the children.

Orange Blossom floral water is renowned for its moisturizing, refreshing and calming properties. It regenerates all skin types, soothes and rebalances dry skin.


After using a scrub, applying a compress soaked in orange blossom water to the face will help to tighten the pores and calm the skin.

You can add it to your homemade cosmetic preparation to give a refreshing scent.

Use also on the whole body in light massage, after a stressful day.

Conditions of conservation

Store for 6 months protected from light, air and heat,

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