AMBER  Home Fragrance
30 ML
Brand: Naturel Zen
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It's hard to resist the scent of this fragrance! Amber has such a sweet and woody smell The scent of amber is naturally sweet, woody and relaxing. With its warm scent, purify and sanitize your home while enjoying its soothing properties that we would put it everywhere with us. Use it in a diffuser, a mister to embalm your interior and give it a comforting forest atmosphere.

The amber fragrance in the air is a natural way to purify your home while perfuming it. In addition to its purifying virtues, it is also excellent for fighting stress and anxiety. It strengthens the immune system. Excellent for relaxation, this fragrance is an ally of choice for a restful night's sleep or to concentrate in meditation. Diffuse it before going to bed or leave it on during your meditation with a background of music of forest sounds for a total immersion


Amber fragrance (pinus succinifera)


Ambient scents are to be burned in a perfume burner.

Dilute a few drops with a little water in the upper part of a perfume burner or inside an electric diffuser.

Storage conditions

In a dry place, away from heat and light

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